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Since beginning this blog, I haven’t strayed very much-if at all-from the subject of politics. Today is a politics free kind of day. After all, everyone needs a break from time to time.

Our friends invited us to sit on the capitol lawn, drink wine, eat snacks and enjoy the experience that is Concerts on the Square . How strange it was to attend an event at the capitol that didn’t involve demonstrating or protesting.

patrons of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra's Concerts on the Square.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the evening.  My son played with his friend Giavanna, while my wife and I enjoyed chatting with our friends, each other, and generally drinking in the atmosphere that is Madison in the summer.  Concerts on the Square is great for people watching.  And sometimes listening.  At one point I found myself overhearing the chatter of a young woman sitting near us who was vividly describing all the “action” her blanket has seen. TMI, but amusing.

My son Sal, having a great time.

Beautiful evening for this, really. Temperature was nearly perfect, deep blue sky, happy chatter could be heard from our blanket neighbors. It was good to se people relaxing on the  capitol square for a change.  What a good day.

Majestic Theater

Later that night, after my wife and son went to sleep, I went back downtown to meet a good friend for a drink and much needed conversation. Later, instead of going right home I just rambled around taking various night shots of the city that I love so much.

The Great Dane

Natt Spil- great bar with outstanding and inexpensive food.

The space that used to be Restaurant Magnus, one of my favorites. Soon Tempest, an Oyster Bar, will open here.

view toward the capitol

View toward the capitol

And that’s about it.  Just a nice summer night to be a Madisonian.  What’s your favorite summer activity in the Madison area?