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District 48 Assembly Candidate Andy Heidt

Madison, WI.  Today, Assembly candidate Andy Heidt sent a letter to the Governor asking him to schedule a special election in order to fill the seat vacated by Rep Joe Parisi after Parisi was elected as Dane County Executive.   Heidt wrote to the Governor, “Representation is a fundamental right. It is wrong to delay giving the people of the 48th District the opportunity to choose their representative. As James Otis stated almost 260 years ago, ‘Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

District resident Melanie Herzog agrees, “Like everyone else in Wisconsin, we deserve to have our
representative working for us in the Assembly. I’m glad Andy’s putting pressure on the Governor to
make that happen.”

It is the responsibility of Governor Walker to call for a special election to fill the empty seat. Joe Parisi was elected as the Dane County Executive on April 2nd, and resigned from the assembly on April 14th.  Governor Walker has yet to address the vacancy.

Heidt noted that this is a crucial time and the people of the 48th District have effectively been silenced by Governor Walker’s apparent lack of interest in filling the seat vacated by the new Dane County Executive. “While Governor Walker can find the time for prank callers posing as billionaires, and to travel around the country raising money for recall campaigns from other states, he is sending a clear message that he’s just not concerned about the people of the 48th,” said Heidt.

This special election will come at a time where Wisconsin is experiencing a spate of historical recall elections in the state senate.  6 republicans and what appears to be 2 democrats will most likely face contests set for July 12.

Heidt is the President of AFSCME 1871, Dane County Professionals Union and the Ombudsman for
the Dane County Department of Human Services. He volunteers as Co-Chair of Covering Kids and
Families-Wisconsin, an organization dedicated to health care coverage of children and families in the
state. Heidt is also a former member of the Madison Common Council.