Patrick DePula is a long-time community activist and organizer in Madison Wisconsin.  Formerly, he served on the Dane County Board of Supervisors, as the Chairperson of the City of Madison Community Development Block Grant Commission, The Progressive Dane Steering Committee and was one of the primary architects of the City of Madison Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Shortly after Governor Scott Walker released his draconian and mean-spirited “budget repair bill” that was clearly intended to punish the poor and middle class while rewarding large corporations and busting unions, he volunteered as an organizer with Wisconsin Wave in order to participate in the active resistance of the corporatization of Wisconsin. Since then, he’s been involved with organizing several mass rallies at the Wisconsin State Capitol that included guests such as filmmaker Michael Moore, and  featured musical artists including Ryan Bingham, Michelle Shocked and Jon Langford.

In addition to helping lead the active resistance to Governor Walker’s Koch Brothers-funded war on the poor and middle class,  he began covering events surrounding the Wisconsin Uprising for themudflats.net, Alaska’s most widely-read political blog. Now a contributing writer for Mudflats and blogging at Dispatches from Fitzwalkerstan, some of his work has also been featured on bradblog.com, home of election expert and Velvet Revolution co-founder Brad Friedman.

He is a frequent guest on the Shannyn Moore Show on AM1020 KOAN in Alaska.
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  1. Matt Turner says:

    Perhaps you have already read this on Daily Kos or Huffington Post (edited version), but I thought I’d pass along a satirical ditty I wrote. Here’s the unedited version on FB:


    cheers and keep up the good work,
    Matt Turner

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