Wisconsin Elections for Sale or Rent

Lots to discuss this week. The WI Supreme Court Justice recount is a total mess with serious chain of custody issues and more.  The Wisconsin Republican Party has been exposed for committing widespread Election Fraud in their attempts to recall Democratic State Senators, A Republican Legislative Staffer is now being investigated by the LaCrosse County District Attorney’s Office in regard to allegedly committing voter fraud, and a concealed carry bill will most likely pass, and won’t require any training or proficiency.  What are YOUR thoughts? Feel free to comment.

  1. JustMe says:

    I just read a comment where someone signed a “recall Sen. Cowls” petition with no header, wondering if he really signed a recall petition for Cowles. It occurs to me an insidious tactic by the GOP would be to leave a sufficiently large margin at the top where a heading could be added after the fact, turning it into a petition to recall the democrat. I hope someone’s checking for that ploy! Misalignment of margins or alignment between the header and the signature lines would be a clue; likewise, a difference in inks, or an irregualrity in spacing distance between the header and the first signature line from one petition to another.

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