As if the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice “recount” isn’t a big enough mess, It appears that the Wisconsin GOP  has been engaged in widespread fraud surrounding their attempts to recall democratic senators.  Inexplicably, the Republican Party of Wisconsin had relied heavily on people they hired from out of state to collect signatures against democrats, even paying to house these folks in hotel rooms.   In all cases, they paid by the signature. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The decision to pay out of state people when there are plenty of unemployed folks that reside in those senate districts who may actually be invested in the outcome of these recall elections makes no sense at all.

But the story gets even better.

In a press release issued today by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller states  “”The overwhelming evidence clearly shows a pervasive pattern of election fraud committed by the shady out-of-state organization hired by Republicans to collect recall petitions,” and  “Thousands of Wisconsin citizens fell victim to lies and misinformation spread by the circulators, and the papers submitted by this operation contain a river of omissions and wrong information.”

Additionally, another questionable organization, American Patriot Recall Coalition,  is also involved and is headed by Dan Baltes, the convicted felon who spent 10 years in the Idaho prison system for grand theft, forgery and writing bad checks. Surprised?
Miller continued:  “We believe that when the facts are reviewed, the GAB will throw out thousands of flawed signatures because they were fraudulent or defective. The vast depth of this misconduct calls into question the legitimacy of every signature collected by these circulators, and shows that the GOP effort failed to gather the valid signatures needed for recall elections.
The formal challenge, to be filed on behalf of the Democratic senators is expected to happen this afternoon, and allegedly shows that the number of invalid signatures gathered through election fraud would reduce the valid signatures collected against all three democratic senators enough to invalidate the recall petitions.  A press conference will be held at 4:15 today with Democratic Party of Wisconsin counsel Jeremy Levinson to discuss the challenge.

The challenge of GOP recall petitions features many claims from Wisconsin citizens who were victimized by the actions of a disreputable out-of-state firm hired by Wisconsin Republicans to collect signatures.  Kennedy Enterprises received nearly $100,000 from the Republican Party of Wisconsin to circulate recall petitions.  Kennedy owns a tarnished reputation based on past offenses in Colorado.

Some of the cases and examples of election fraud outlined in the formal recall challenge of GOP petitions to be filed this afternoon include:

  • Senate District 12:  Of the 534 people contacted who had signed the petition, 9.2% indicated they were misled into signing the petition or asserted they had never signed.
  • Senate District 22:  Of the 225 people contacted who had signed the petition, 6.6% indicated they were misled into signing the petition or asserted they had never signed.
  • Senate District 30:  Of the 372 people contacted who had signed the petition, 8.6% indicated they were misled into signing the petition or asserted they had never signed.
  • Affidavit of a World War II veteran from Green Bay who was misled into signing a recall petition.  Upon learning he had been duped, veteran called the sheriff to get his name removed.  When confronted, the circulator claims he will remove the name, but a later review of the petitions reveals the veteran’s name was never crossed off.
  • Many affidavits attesting that Circulator Sherri Ferrell – who gathered nearly 3,000 signatures in two districts — gathered signatures on Indian reservations claiming petitions were to support “schools,” “Democrats,” and “tribal rights.”
  • Affidavit of voter in Senate District 22 attesting that circulator John Prijic claimed the petitions were for work to be done on a local park.
  • Affidavit of voter in Senate District 30 attesting that circulator Annette Lord claimed the petitions were to recall Republican Senator Cowles.
  • Affidavit of voter in Senate District 30 attesting that circulator Richard Madrill claimed the petitions were to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
  • William Pocan’s forged name appears on line 10, page 362 of circulator Kevin Pursell’s petition.  As his widow Corinne Pocan’s affidavit attests, William Pocan has been deceased 20 years, although his name remains in the phone book.   Pursell circulated numerous pages.
  • Claims by many Wisconsin citizens who were misled by out-of-state circulators who claimed they could sign on behalf of other people.
  • Numerous examples of fake addresses and signatures appearing on GOP recall petitions, as well as sloppily gathered signatures also missing critical information.
  • Summary of out-of-state circulators hired by GOP with largest percentages of fraud or deception on GOP recall petitions:
Get ready for some excitement and outrage folks, as thousands of pages of evidence and dozens of affidavits are about to be released. Many of the signature collectors came from states such as Oklahoma, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, California, New York and Minnesota. Somewhat ironic since it is the Wisconsin Republican Party and their elected officials that dismiss the Wisconsin Uprising as a bunch of “Out of State Rent-a-Thugs”. Verified reports of Republicans playing loose and fast with elections are turning up every day. Just a couple of days ago we learned of a Republican legislative staffer voting in district over 100 miles from her home.  Stay tuned.
And feel free to leave a comment and discuss!
  1. Dan Frisby says:

    Are you saying that Republicans hired ‘lying thuggish conspirators’ to do their ‘dirty work’….surely you jest…LOL How could Republicans stoop so low as to ‘rig elections’…omitting, of course, George Bush’s ‘selection for President’ by his Republican Supreme Court lackeys…It is UN-AMERICAN… surely Corporations who PAY NO TAXES and PAY LOW WAGES & NO BENEFITS to working American Families would not then go hire ‘lying, thieving bottom-feeding crooks’ to lie to other Americans….surely you must confuse those ‘ Republican Thugs’ with overseas ‘DICTATOR Thugs’ who hire ‘Thugs’ to lie, cheat & deceive citizens…. just a thought

  2. Julie Grimme says:

    Crooks and liars.

  3. Matt Behlen says:

    How come fox news isn’t reporting this on Milwaukee Television?

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    • greydogg says:

      What do we expect, when we have entrusted our elections, our redress of government, to private companies owned by partisan republican hacks? Republicans cannot win elections on their savage policies against working people, so they lie, cheat and steal elections. We need to demand hand counted paper ballots and exit polls. Only then, will the integrity of our elections be secured. Then, we shall see who really wins elections. We have recall elections coming up. Volunteer at the polls People! Organize!

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  6. ejs says:

    That’s exactly how ACORN used to pay its employees for registering people to vote. The Republicans used to rail against that system because it encouraged fraud. Now the Wisconsin Republicans are doing the same thing.

    • Jana DeJonghe says:

      One huge difference, Registering someone to vote really has no potential dammage to a candidate or an election. They were just getting paid a little extra cash for the fake names. These fake registrants never showed up to vote, as in real voter fraud. The GOP’s only concern was that ACORN was getting Middle class, poor and black Americans to get off their butts and vote, a HUGE NO-NO for the GOP. Thats why they preach to the religious, they only play the fiddle for their votes, they don’t care about Pro-Life or Families…they only sing the tune till election day. But this is actually having dammaging results to our democracy. It’s not the first time. Republican Blackwell from OH was responsible for rolling the polls in predominantly poor areas of OH in an effort to disenfranchise Democratic voters in 2004. And they wonder why Americans are so angry….I sadly have to agree……we will have no other choice than to begin to Riot in the streets….it’s the only way they listen to the People anymore. This is the only form of justice the people have against their government when they turn into a Dictatorship. The Republican party has said openly their No. 1 priority is to win the 2012 election. That is exactly what they are attempting to do……at any cost. Multiple attacks on Democracy in the USA, they should all be run out of the Country. They don’t belong in any office of Government, they aren’t worthy.

      • ejs says:

        I don’t at all disagree with a lot of what you say, but the incentive to manufacture false information is the same in each case. Although I completely supported the objectives of ACORN, the first time I read about how they compensated people for registrations I thought they were asking for trouble, although I know there are safeguards which prevented the false registrants from ever actually voting. I have a big problem with people working for ACORN and acting dishonestly in order to “just [get] paid a little extra cash.” Those people should be ashamed of themselves. I also don’t think we’re to the point or anywhere near the point of rioting in the streets. You should think about all that a little more and cool your jets.

      • Greg says:

        The other difference is that unlike petitions, it’s illegal to discard completed voter registration forms, as this would otherwise be a fairly effective way to disenfranchise voters who registered for the “wrong” party- ACORN was required by law to submit any and all completed registrations. That said, they *did* do due diligence on said registrations and separated and flagged the suspect ones for ease of identification.

        In other words, this is nothing like what ACORN did, except for the part where some people were paid in proportion to number registered- which I’m led to believe is actually not that uncommon for compensated canvassers, problematic though it may be.

    • yeske24 says:

      That whole ARORN is fraud thing turned out to be republican fraud. ACORN was a successful organization for the democrats so the republicans put out a trashy video involving ACORN that was complete fabrication. So they not surprisingly are doing it again. That’s how they operate. Fear and fraud.

  7. Lacuna says:

    Yer a major source at Brad Blog. Great Work!!

  8. Alan8 says:

    This isn’t good news. This is only the tip of the iceberg. This is just one incompetently-run operation that got caught.

    I shudder to think of the ones that DIDN’T get caught, in areas that can’t be verified as easily. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the Republican-owned voting machine companies whose machines are easily hackable and unverifiable.

    Today’s Republicans are like Nazis in that they’ll do or say anything to get power. They’re like Nazis in that they threaten their political opponents with violence. They’re like Nazis in that they’re hostile to civil liberties and unions.

    They’re like Nazis in that they use propaganda as an instrument of aggression. They’re like the Nazis in that they’re financed by the wealthy. They’re like Nazis in that they demonize other races to portray them as a threat.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    • Mark T says:

      Unverifiable computerized voting machines with proprietary programming code will be the downfall of our Democracy. Look closer into Ohio 2004. Florida 2000 may not have used those machines, but the whole thing stunk terribly of voter disenfranchisement. Think what the world might be like now if GW had never been our president.

  9. roundabout says:

    Speaking of GOP fraud…
    Someone from the IRS ought to do some digging into Tea Party candidate, Kim Simac, in Wisconsin’s 12th district. She has a “503(c)(4) civic organization” that takes in cash and doesn’t have to report to the public the sources/uses of that all that moola. And, if Ms. Simac is spending more that 50% of her time/money from the 503(c)(4) on political work…well, according to law…that’s ILLEGAL. She seems to be spending most, if not ALL her time on political work, which would make this a tax-dodging entity and subject to criminal and IRS investigations.

  10. Mark says:

    This is the reason the founders of this country included the right to bear arms. to prevent tyrannical parties from stealing and holding power.
    The real problem here are the corporate lobbyists, something the founders never had in mind or would approve of.
    If you remember your history, the Boston Tea Party was against an English multinational corporation called the East Indiana Trading Corporation. The king and his court were heavily invested in this corporation, and they counted on The Church of England to keep the masses suppressed in their thoughts, kinda like the religious conservative leaders do today…keep the masses uninformed.

    You watch, these Republicans will be stealing elections all over the country this fall. And why they do not care about The People and their vote…arm yourselves!

  11. Paco says:

    Isn’t this SOP for the GOP?

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  13. Chris S. says:

    I signed a petition for the recall of Sen. Cowles. At least I hope I did. The people were in the parking lot of a supermarket right on the main drag. Their signs said “recall Sen. Cowles”, but the paper I signed did not have any heading indicating who the recall was for. I even asked the guy, “this is for Sen Cowles, right? NOT for Dave Hansen.” Is there a way I can check to make sure I wasn’t duped. Because I’ve had my fill of getting _ _ _ _ _ _ by those people!

    • JustMe says:

      If there was no heading, this was not a legitimate petition. The “collector” was acting as a decoy on the theory that if you think you’ve already signed a petition, you won’t. Even more insidious would be if there was a sufficiently large margin at the top where a heading could be added after the fact, turning it into a petition to recall the democrat. I hope someone’s checking for that ploy!

  14. john smith says:

    its a shame what has happened to this country

  15. Mark says:

    Hmmmm. Overt election fraud, convicted felons in places of power, corporations regarded as “people” — isn’t it about time for a war to reclaim our country?

    Because honestly – I think that’s what it’s going to take: an out-and-out WAR.

  16. Laura says:

    My daughter witnessed a man with “Recall Lassa” petitions convincing kids in junior high school to sign the petition. She confronted him and he replied that he didn’t care. This is a felony! He was reported to the police (and Lassa’s office).

    • My own Parents were visited by a “young man” who identified himself as a “University of Madison” student making some extra money for school. He said he needed their signature for a “Public Transportation” issue that included something about busses. Right. There were no public transportation studies happening. It was clearly someone collecting signatures to recall Sen. Cullen. Nice. I need to check if my parents names appear on the Cullen papers. If they do, then I have my answer.

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  18. Mr Black says:

    It’s easy to tell when a story is political bullshit. The article relies on “claims” made by paritsans, not a link to the actual evidence they talk about. If there was evidence of any of this shit, it would be front and center. It’s not, so draw your own conclusions.

    Partisanship makes you stupid. Think for yourselves.

  19. tony g says:

    I just read this on Red State dot com… this is a direct quote.

    “Wisconsin’s voter ID bill passed, 60-35; it now goes to the Senate, to be worked on next week. The bill will require that voters show picture ID before voting: what really has Democrats in a tizzy about this is that to be valid a student ID will need “current address, birth date, signature and expiration date.” This effectively removes all Wisconsin student IDs from consideration…”

    Somehow this was supposed to be a positive thing because it disenfranchises all students from voting. Does nobody care about voting rights in Wisconsin?

  20. […] the election citing dubious alleged “irregularities” in the filing of recall petitions. Never mind the wholesale recall petition fraud perpetrated by the Wisconsin Republican Party; substantiated with scores of affidavits and reports of dead people signing their names, felons […]

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